President Dr Ashley Cooke


Due to Covid 19 all meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice.

13th January
Monday 2pm

Dr Gina Muskett

The University of Liverpool, National Museums, Liverpool

Egypt in Etruria: Excavations at the Etruscan cemeteries at Vulci in Italy

13th July
Monday 2pm

Dr Aidan Dodson

University of Bristol

Sethy I
King of Egypt

10th February Monday 2pm

Cheryl Hanson

Member's Research

Prehistoric Rock Art of the Eastern Desert

10th August
Monday 2pm

Ian Trumble

Bolton Library and Museum

Bolton's Egypt;
The Making of a Museum

9th March Monday 2pm

Dr Judith Corbelli

University of Liverpool Alumnus

Decoration in Greco-Roman Egypt Part II - Stelae and Loculus Slabs

2nd September
Wednesday 7.30pm

Dr Joanne Backhouse

University of Liverpool &
Chairman of WAES

Seth: Black Sheep of the Family or a necessary Evil

1st April
Wednesday 7.30pm

Colin Reader

Independent Researcher

Saqqara Secrets in the Sand

12th October
Monday 2pm

Dr Gina Criscenzo-Laycock

Gartstang Museum, University of Liverpool

Meroe: Africa's Forgotten Empire

11th May
Monday 2pm

Dr Lidija McKnight

University of Manchester

Manchester and its Mummies - the ancient, the modern and the visiting

9th November
Monday 2pm

Dr Glen Godenho

University of Liverpool

Cenobites and Anchorites in Late Antique Egypt.

8th June
Monday 2pm

Dr Birgitte Hoffman

Mancent; The Manchester Continuing Education Network

Rome and the Deep South: The Roman presence south of the First Cataract

14th December
Monday 2pm


President's Lecture
Dr Ashley Cooke

NB The evening meetings on the 1st April and 2nd September
will be held in the Bebington Suite, Bebington Civic Centre CH63 7PN