President Dr Ashley Cooke

The Wirral Ancient Egypt Society is a society dedicated to the furtherance of the knowledge of the history and culture of Ancient Egypt.

The Society was formed by a group of enthusiastic like-minded people who over many years had attended WEA courses. In April 2002, the doors were opened with the aim of appealing to a membership catchment area from Wirral, Liverpool and the surrounding districts. Our current membership welcomes members of the general public who have an interest in extending their knowledge of this fascinating period of ancient history.

The society runs a comprehensive programme of eleven monthly lectures over the twelve-month calendar period, to which all members and visitors are welcome (see ‘Programme’ link for details). The lectures are normally held on the second Monday of the month at Mayer Hall, The Village, Lower Bebington, Wirral CH63 7PT, starting at 2 pm. In April and September our meeting is held in the evening at 7.30 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to attract distinguished speakers, from museums and universities throughout the U.K. Current research is often presented. A lively question and answer session follows and is an enjoyable part of each meeting. Topics range from all periods of Egypt’s glorious past. We also encourage members to visit major exhibitions and attend study days. A Newsletter, which contains a synopsis of the recent lectures and items of interest, is produced three times a year. These are useful to members who may have missed lectures and also serve as a valuable reference.

We have a small library relevant to Ancient Egypt and the books are available for members to borrow. Each year WAES awards a Bursary to an outstanding post graduate student. The cost of membership is currently £20.00 per annum. The charge for each lecture is £2.00 for members and £4.00 for visitors. Visitors are warmly welcomed.


Dr Ashley Cooke    President    president@waes.org.uk
Dr Joanne Backhouse    Chair     chairman@waes.org.uk
Rosie JacksonSecretary    secretary@waes.org.uk
Bill JacksonLibrarian    librarian@waes.org.uk
Julie MarshallMembership    membership@waes.org.uk
Cheryl HansonTreasurer    treasurer@waes.org.uk